Ecosystems will rule the world

The increasing complexity, uncertainty and speed of change within our competitive economic world requires new ways of working. Not only to survive as a company, but also to make a difference, follow the changing pace, anticipate with creativity and create market leading initiatives to become/remain successful in a global economy. Building and...

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How our accelerator programme aims to make manufacturing companies more resilient and sustainable

Making production companies more resilient and sustainable at an accelerated pace, that is what Flanders Make wants to achieve with its 'accelerator programme', which recently received a ‘Flemish Resilience’ grant of 11 million euros, in addition to the 50 million euros that companies themselves put on the table. "A budget that benefits our...

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Adapted design method at Vitalo Industries

Vitalo Industries, located in Meulebeke, has more than 85 years of experience in the production of plastic and insulating parts. As one of the market leaders in their sector, they produce small and medium-sized series for various industrial sectors such as the medical, automotive and mechanical engineering industry. Their drive for innovation led...

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Take the lead in digital transformation: Can you handle it?

Digital transformation is one of the buzz words of the moment. What does it mean? How can everyone in an organisation play a role and act as a digital leader? At Flanders Make, four colleagues were given the opportunity to follow a Vlerick Business School programme on this topic.

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Improving the overall bandwith of torque control in drivetrains by reducing torque ripple

In many applications, controlling the torque of a drivetrain is very important. The dynamics of the torque control, mainly limited by the current control, affect the achievable bandwidth of speed controllers and, as a result, have an impact on how fast/smooth trajectories can be followed. Besides obtaining a fast torque response, the quality (i.e....

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Flemish start-up offers ultimate driving experience through ground-breaking technological innovation.

Driving a vehicle that combines the thrill of a motorbike with the luxury of a sports car and gives both driver and passenger a sensational feeling that can only be experienced in the cockpit of a jet plane? It will soon be possible with the innovative tilting vehicle developed by Kerv Automotive, an ambitious Flemish start-up that has been...

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Autonomous waste collection in your company

A 30% saving on the cost of collecting your company's waste. We want to achieve this by setting up an autonomous waste collection system, together with VIL (Flemish Spearhead Cluster for Logistics), FTSolutions, DSP Automation, Pixelvision, Indaver and the University of Antwerp. As a production or logistics company, you want to be able to focus on...

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Adhesive joining technology for on-demand assembly and disassembly - a story of performance, cost efficiency and circularity

Companies are in a constant search of making products lighter and stronger. That is why adhesive bonding is gaining importance in today’s manufacturing industry. By using the right bonding technique, you can significantly improve your products. However, adhesive joints require curing time, which can increase production costs. In our Joining &...

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Breathing new life into your machinery with 'Machine Upgrading'

Just about every manufacturing company has machines that still work, but do not offer the capabilities allowing for a digital transition. They often have limited sensors and in many cases lack computing power. Many entrepreneurs are therefore wrestling with the question of whether these machines are still sufficient to achieve the required quality...

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