Innovation Boosting project with Ugani improves low-cost prosthetics for developing countries

Ugani Prosthetics is a Flemish social startup whose mission is to bring down the prices of prosthetics. This makes them more broadly accessible for people in low-income countries. Lean management, supply chain optimization, frugal innovation, and digitalization are some of the techniques used to accomplish this goal.

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Range Rover Evoque as a development platform

Flanders Make offers infrastructure for testing and validating products and production systems. As part of these activities, we have adapted two Range Rover Evoques. We developed a hybrid version and an all-electric version that we use for all kinds of research and testing. Both by our own researchers and by our customers.

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Using hybrid AI to optimise a sustainable bonding process

For ecological and economic reasons, companies are increasingly looking for ways to make products lighter and stronger. It is therefore important to find the right combination of materials for a particular application. This means that a lot of research is being done into the way in which these materials can be combined. Sustainability is also...

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Opinion Dirk Torfs: "The smart industry of the future is sustainable, digitised and competitive".

The corona crisis, the largest influx of refugees into Europe since World War 2, rising energy prices, inflation, and so on. These are, to put it mildly, turbulent times. Our companies also face special challenges. And this after two very difficult years already. Fortunately, our companies are showing resilience and continue to invest in...

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Innovation Boosting for Deceuninck

As a profile manufacturer, Deceuninck hardly needs to be introduced. When Benari Deceuninck started producing buttons, buckles and combs from plastic sheets as a small one-man business in 1937, he undoubtedly did not dream that the company would grow into the multinational we know today. Meanwhile, the company operates production plants in 17...

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Workforce development

Today, the insights on the impact of the 4th industrial revolution are growing. Companies with a clear Industry 4.0 (implementation) strategy have the ambition to become the best in product development and production so as to strengthen their competitiveness and improve their responsiveness to the customer. These companies are not stuck in pilot...

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Converting data into services

Many companies are still looking for the best way to cope with data and to extract value from them. Having a strategic plan to use data as part of your business model is the first step and the best way to guarantee results. By defining and gathering appropriate actions, you can maximise the impact of data on your shareholders or your company’s...

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Ecosystems will rule the world

The increasing complexity, uncertainty and speed of change within our competitive economic world requires new ways of working. Not only to survive as a company, but also to make a difference, follow the changing pace, anticipate with creativity and create market leading initiatives to become/remain successful in a global economy. Building and...

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How our accelerator programme aims to make manufacturing companies more resilient and sustainable

Making production companies more resilient and sustainable at an accelerated pace, that is what Flanders Make wants to achieve with its 'accelerator programme', which recently received a ‘Flemish Resilience’ grant of 11 million euros, in addition to the 50 million euros that companies themselves put on the table. "A budget that benefits our...

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